Game Capture at the Reserve - UmPhafa

Game Capture at the Reserve

UmPhafa has had a busy start to the week with the Game Capture Team arriving!

UmPhafa as with many other reserves in South Africa relies on specialist teams to capture their animals and transport them to their new homes, this is done to preserve species and maintain high population numbers in different reserves, the movement of Wildlife ensures that successful breeding programs continue, and new gene pools are maximized.

We had several Kudu, Waterbuck and Zebra removed from the property, this was done by either herding the animals into the capture Boma or by darting from a helicopter for those hard to reach animals! Once collected, the animals are carefully moved into trucks before being driven to their new homes, where it is hoped they will continue to breed and repopulate the area.

We take great care during these types of tasks and a vet is on hand throughout the whole process ensuring the animal health and wellbeing.

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