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Fundraise for Colchester Zoological Society

In recent years, Colchester Zoo’s charitable arm has donated over £4.2 million to conservation projects around the world. We cannot continue to support these projects without the generous donations and fundraising activities by our supporters.

Colchester Zoological Society donates to projects associated with Colchester Zoo’s animal collection, whether it’s the development of new exhibits or new species arrivals. Funds have also helped with the set up and the continuous running of the UmPhafa Nature Reserve in South Africa. The reserve was set up to recreate the habitat and species present on the area, which were wiped out by the previous farming techniques. With help from Colchester Zoological Society, a release programme has been established on UmPhafa; releasing species that were once native back into this area.

Colchester Zoological Society cannot raise the funds for these projects alone and needs your help! Please get your school, community or work place involved and help protect species in their natural habitat.

Fundraising is a fantastic way of bringing people together to raise money and awareness about the natural world. The money raised will go directly towards Colchester Zoological Society projects or the UmPhafa Nature Reserve, and will allow us to continue our important work.

If you are thinking about fundraising for Colchester Zoological Society and the UmPhafa Nature Reserve, please download a free copy of our Fundraising Pack by clicking on the pdf. This has everything you need to know from ideas on how to fundraise, to health and safety advice.

Download the fundraising pack here.

If you require any further information then please contact Rebecca Perry on

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