Work reaches final stages on the carnivore boma - UmPhafa

There has been huge progress on the new carnivore boma thanks to a huge effort from our maintenance team and UmPhafa’s interns. Due to a shortage of stock the project had suffered a brief set-back until suppliers were able to deliver the rolls of fencing material. Fortunately however this has now been obtained and work has been able to continue at full speed.

Work has been very hard going with much of the digging having to be carried out by hand. A trench has had to be dug around the entire perimeter so that the fence can be buried below the surface, preventing the dogs from tunneling out before they are ready for release back into the wild. As wild dogs are renowned escape artists the fence will also be electrified and a double door system has been incorporated into every access gate.

Meanwhile the Endangered Wildlife Trust, UmPhafa’s partners in this programme, have confirmed that the dogs are now ready to be brought to the reserve. Staff on UmPhafa hope to have the facility completely finished by the beginning of June, providing there are no further set-backs.

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