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Why Help UmPhafa?

UmPhafa is a 6000-hectare Nature Reserve near Ladysmith and we have a 44km fence line. We are home to a wide range of species including giraffe, zebra, leopard, lots of plains game as well as White Rhino. UmPhafa has been set up as an educational Conservation Reserve, teaching and showing students and Interns that visit us how a Reserve passionate about Conservation is run, which is why we need you to support and help UmPhafa.

One of our main threats is the increase in poaching in South Africa since Covid – we lost 448 Rhino in South Africa in 2022 and 244 of them were in Kwa-Zulu Natal where we are based. I have no figures yet for 2023 but already a few neighbouring Reserves have lost a couple of Rhino to poaching despite most Reserves doing dehorning programs including ourselves it does not provide a strong enough deterrent. With such an ongoing threat on our fence line and with the help of Action for the Wild we have been able to increase our number of Field Rangers to 12, they patrol day and night come rain or shine and walk up to 15kms a day protecting the Reserve and most importantly our Rhino’s.
We have also started to use Camera traps and Drones enabling us to protect larger areas but our Field Rangers and UmPhafa still need some ‘vital’ equipment.

Below are just a few examples of some of the ways in which you can help UmPhafa.
Internship on the reserve
Donating towards our Field Ranger equipment
Donating towards a specific Conservation Project
Visiting Colchester Zoo

Field Ranger Equipment

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Conservation Project Donations

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