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Conservation Project Donations

If you are interested in conservation project donations towards helping UmPhafa, we are currently focusing on the projects listed below.

If you are interested in making a donation, please contact for more details on how you can help.

Camera Traps

Solar Camera Traps with Bluetooth and Wifi -Approximate cost £180 – £250

A silent Observer – we put these at locations within the Reserve to not only monitor our leopard activity but also to research the nocturnal species that live on UmPhafa, a great way of identifying new species and keeping a track on where we see them.

Introducing Animals

From time to time we bring in new animals, this is so we can improve our gene pool – the list for 2023 is below:

  • Giraffe Bulls – 3 males
  • Eland Bulls – 3 males
  • Red Hartebeest – 5 males

One of UmPhafa main goals is to also bring in cheetah and buffalo as new species to the Reserve.

Buffalo conservation project at UmPhafa through donations


Buffalo herds can have significant ecological impact on the veld. Being a bulk grazer, they are responsible for converting long grasslands into short grassy environments conducive to other browsers with more selective feeding habits.

Cheetah conservation project at UmPhafa through donations


There are only 7,100 highly endangered cheetah known to remain worldwide, with a stronghold in Southern Africa. The population trend is decreasing, mostly due to habitat loss, conflict with farmers and ranchers, competition with other large predators such as lions and the smuggling of cheetah cubs into the illegal exotic pet trade. Cheetahs live primarily in grasslands and benefit the ecosystem by keeping the animals it hunts at healthy populations. They typically hunt the weak and slowest of several species of animals.

You can also help towards the running of UmPhafa by visiting Colchester Zoo – a day out for the whole family.

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