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Conservation Project Donations

If you are interested in conservation project donations towards helping UmPhafa, we are currently focusing on the projects listed below.

If you are interested in making a donation, please contact for more details on how you can help.

Camera Traps

Solar Camera Traps with Bluetooth and Wifi -Approximate cost £180 – £250

A silent Observer – we put these at locations within the Reserve to not only monitor our leopard activity but also to research the nocturnal species that live on UmPhafa, a great way of identifying new species and keeping a track on where we see them.

Introducing Animals

In order to achieve our reserve goals we work to introduce new wildlife species onto the reserve that historically inhabited the area, and bring in new animals to booster the genetics of existing populations. Our current focus for animal releases are:

Buffalo conservation project at UmPhafa through donations


One of our targets for the next few years is to increase the numbers of buffalo on the reserve to help improve the veld condition for all the animals. Being a bulk grazer they have significant ecological impact. We released 15 individuals In November 2023 and this increased to 21 animals in a matter of months. Our hope is to increase numbers to 150 in the next few years.

Spotted and Brown Hyena

The reserve currently has a lone spotted hyena; we would like to introduce further individuals, as well as bring in brown hyena as a new species release. These animals, much like vultures, are crucial to a reserve and play a vital role in the ecosystem by scavenging on carcasses and reducing the spread of disease. We would also need to collar a few of these animals so we can monitor their progress and movements.

Cheetah conservation project at UmPhafa through donations


There are only 7,100 highly endangered cheetah known to remain worldwide, with a stronghold in Southern Africa. The population trend is decreasing, mostly due to habitat loss, conflict with farmers and ranchers, competition with other large predators such as lions and the smuggling of cheetah cubs into the illegal exotic pet trade. Cheetahs live primarily in grasslands and benefit the ecosystem by keeping the animals it hunts at healthy populations. They typically hunt the weak and slowest of several species of animals.

Sponsor an Animal Collar / Bracelet

We have a variety of animals that require collars, such as cheetah and hyena. Each collar lasts approximately 2 years before it needs replacing and is an ongoing cost for UmPhafa. In order to monitor the safety and movement of these endangered animals, it’s critical that we replace the collars when we can. Any donation towards one of these collars would help UmPhafa protect these animals for years to come.

You can also help towards the running of UmPhafa by visiting Colchester Zoo – a day out for the whole family.

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