A big thank you to to 25th Colchester (St Matthew’s) Guides! - UmPhafa

badgeColchester Zoo’s Action for the Wild would like to say a big thank you to 25th Colchester (St Matthew’s) Guides for donating £240.31 towards the UmPhafa Private Nature Reserve!

In 2013, the Tall Challenge was launched for the units to find out more about Rainbows in South Africa, make clothes peg giraffes, giraffe sock puppets, giraffe biscuits, play giraffe drive, play how tall is your unit, listen to African music, hold a yellow and brown evening and much more.

Numerous Rainbow, Brownie and Guide units completed the badge and, in total, 2,403 badges were sold with 10p for every badge sold going towards UmPhafa.

Thank you so much again for your hard work. We cannot continue to conserve such a wide range of species, without kind donations from our supporters.

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