If you have never heard the unearthly sound of a male Impala during the rut you could be in for a surprise. For many this first encounter produces wide eyes and an alertness maybe somewhat lacking before. What could possible make such a sound? Surely it must be a beast of immense magnitude? Once explained you can see the sigh of relief come across peoples faces as there life stops flashing before their eyes. The rut is a word used to describe the mating season of many different types of ruminants all over the world but here in Africa it is the impala that makes it their own. With a guttural roar the males can be seen chasing their females around trying to keep them in check and stop other males from taking over. The clattering of horns as males battle it out for the top prize in the animal kingdom ‘mating rights’ is a constant reminder to us of how tough these animals are and persistent in their quest to procreate.

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