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UmPhafa was chosen by FreeMe Wildlife to help finish the rehabilitation of two Spotted genets and three Spotted eagle owls this week.

FreeMe Wildlife is based in Kwa-Zulu Natal and is a Wildlife rehabilitation centre. With the ever-increasing human population and resulting development, the demand for wildlife rehabilitation is growing exponentially. Indigenous wildlife is coming under threat because of conflict with people in the race for space and resources to survive.

Tuesday morning, Wade and Elishia delivered the animals. First to be rehoused was the Spotted eagle owls in a large aviary near the old Elworthy House. They will remain in their new house for the next two weeks. After two weeks, the door will be left ajar and hopefully the owls will leave but the expectation is that they will come back now and again for some snacks. This is known as a soft release.

The Spotted genets were delivered in their log home which was then placed quite high up in a tree in an area with water and lots of trees to climb. Being nocturnal we have set up a camera trap to try and capture them coming in and out of their new home. We will feed them for the next few weeks and once they get used to their surroundings they will explore further afield and become independent.

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