End Of Year Update 2014 - UmPhafa

2014 has been a year full of hard work, great fun, amazing events and many changes.

GiraffesWe have seen the arrival of 3 Giraffe females on our main farm. After the incredible unexpected loss of four of our females last year it was a great day for us and our male Giraffes to see them here again. We have had four Giraffe calves born between our three farms. Three of these being females, which is fantastic news for our breeding program.

Wild dog bonding has taught us that saving endangered species is tough work but worth every second. Some interns were lucky enough to actually see the Spotted hyena who visits us from time to time and we have identified at least four individual free roaming Leopards. The rains have not come as expected which has put the reserves water supplies under great strain. In Africa there is never a greater appreciation of this natural commodity.

birdOur high intake of interns has meant that our reserve projects have gone from strength to strength. Reserve security as always has been a challenged with many snares being found and even hunting dogs being brought onto the reserve. Our fantastic team of guards continue to show a dedication to seeking out potential problems and working hard to keep our animals safe. The reserves maintenance team has also been busy building new roads which are essential for easy access around the reserve. Controlled burning has allowed us to get rid of large areas of grasses that were becoming unpalatable and will now allow for new growth.

ImpalaFinally the end of the year sees one of our most favourite times here on UmPhafa. Summer brings such an incredible array of new life from green trees, to lush pastures, bird song and of course babies and lots of them!

We would like to thank everyone who supports our efforts here at UmPhafa. Action for the Wild and all those generous enough to make donations to assist us with our conservation efforts. Everyone who has adopted one of our amazing animals and everyone who supports us through our social media and Internship. We wish you all a Happy Christmas and New year. 

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