new-land-2We are delighted to let you know that Action for the Wild, Colchester Zoo’s charity, has completed the purchase of a huge near area of land that will enable us to link all the areas of the UmPhafa Private Nature Reserve into one continuous area with our released animals able to wonder freely and safely across the whole reserve. We look forward to exploring this new land and seeing what new habitats and species we can bring under UmPhafa’s protection.

Since the original reserve was created in 2005, the reserve operated in two distinct, fenced areas with wildlife species released onto just one of the farms, called Gevonden.  In 2013, we managed to complete the fencing of the other two areas, Geluk and Vetrek, and released species onto these part of the reserve too. The linking of this final piece of land called Mount Sully will mean that our wildlife species will now be able to wander freely across the whole 6,500 hectare reserve! 


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