Support Colchester Zoo’s Charity Action for the Wild

Price: £35.00

Our Conservationist package is ideal for supporters of Colchester Zoo who may not be able to visit, but would like to show their support of the Zoo and our charity, Action for the Wild and our Reserve in South Africa, rather than through an adoption of a particular species. The package includes:

The Conservationist package includes:
  • A presentation box with a thank you card, keyring and pin badge
  • Information booklet about Colchester Zoo’s mission, our charity ,Action for the Wild, and the UmPhafa Reserve in South Africa
  • Adoption voucher booklet

NB. This type of adoption is not for a specific species, instead it support the zoo and our charity.

Please note that it takes at least 48 hours to process an adoption and it is then sent out by post. Please allow sufficient time for this when you place your booking as there can be a delay in delivery of 5-7 working days.

Please read our full adoption T&Cs before making your purchase.

*Gifts featured are to change without notice. Postage not included, charged at £3.75.

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